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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may be buried in a Catholic cemetery?

The church expects the burial of Catholics in Catholic cemeteries. To avoid breaking close family ties, non-Catholic members of Catholic families may be interred in a Catholic cemetery. Catholic burial is also permitted for a baptized non-Catholic who might reasonably be presumed to desire or prefer Catholic burial services. Such a decision would be appropriate where the non-Catholic family worshipped regularly at the Catholic Church or identified with the Catholic Church more than any other.

Can Catholics be cremated?

Since 1983, cremation has been an acceptable option for those of the Catholic faith. Whenever possible, however, the church always prefers the interment or entombment of the body because it gives fuller expression to our Christian faith.

When cremation is chosen, the preferred sequence for the final rites is for cremation to take place after the funeral mass. Whether cremation takes place before or after the funeral rites, the church expects those families to seek an appropriate final meeting place for the cremated remains of the body.

Can ashes be kept at home or scattered?

The scattering of the cremated remains or keeping the cremated remains in a home are not the reverent disposition that the church requires, such as a niche or grave.

What is a niche?

A niche is an above ground burial crypt, sized for an urn, containing the cremated remains of the body and allowing for identification and remembrance.

Can cremains be buried?

There are smaller-sized plots that allow for a grave marker to be placed identifying and remembering the deceased.

Please contact the Cemetery Office if you have additional questions.