Saint Vincent

300 Fraser Purchase Rd
Latrobe, PA 15650-2690

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Rules & Regulations

Thank you for choosing Saint Vincent Cemetery.

It is our honor and privilege to serve you. All plot holders and persons within the Cemetery, and all plots, shall be subject to the rules and regulations and such amendments or alterations thereof or additions thereto as shall be adopted by the Cemetery from time to time. Our rules and regulations were developed to preserve the beauty and dignity of the Cemetery. This is an abbreviated copy of those rules and regulations.

Flowers and Planting

Planting of flowers is permitted only in front of the memorial, not to exceed eight inches in width. It is the responsibility of the person caring for the grave(s) to control the weeds and plants. The staff will not maintain or weed the planted area. The staff is instructed to trim down the plants if they become overgrown or unsightly. Planting on the sides or on top of the memorial/marker and between the graves is prohibited and will be cut down with normal trimming. Artificial flowers are only permitted from November 1st through the Friday after Easter. All Christmas decorations must be removed by March 1st. Decorations not in compliance with these rules and regulations of the cemetery will be removed without notice.

Ornaments and Flower Vases

The use of boxes, shells, toys, metal designs, ornaments, vases, glass, plastic, concrete, or crockery jars and containers, wood or metal cases, potted plants, solar lights, shepherd hooks shall not be permitted on any plot and such articles shall be removed by the Cemetery. In sections permitting flower vases, they must be installed with prior approval of the Cemetery and in a manner dictated by the Cemetery. It is necessary at times to have equipment work in the Cemetery. The Cemetery staff will make every effort to avoid damage to plantings, but that may not always be possible. The Cemetery does not accept responsibility for repairs.

Maintenance and Enforcement

Cemetery maintenance work will be performed only by the Cemetery staff or by a duly authorized contractor. All maintenance work will be performed under the supervision of the Cemetery staff. No one is allowed to drive, ride or park on any part of the cemetery grounds except on roadways provided.

Interment Procedures

All grave interments shall be made with concrete outside liner or burial vault constructed in accordance with specifications determined by the Cemetery. Funeral arrangements must be coordinated through the Cemetery office with a minimum of 48 hours notice before interment/entombment. No interment/entombment on Sundays or religious holidays. The Cemetery reserves the right to permit only one full body interment of human remains in one grave or crypt, except in sections designated as lawn crypts or mausoleum crypts designed to accommodate more than one. However, a cremated remain may be placed on a grave or in a crypt with a full body interment subject to payment of second burial privilege fee.

Service Charges and Payments

Any indebtedness due for the purchase of plots including work performed on plots and perpetual care must be paid before an interment on the plot may be made or before a memorial may be erected.

Cemetery Hours

April 1st through September 30th, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

October 1st through March 31st, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Plot owners must check with the cemetery office before ordering a memorial/monument to confirm the requirements and sizes permitted per section of the cemetery. Our goal is to maintain and improve the beauty of the Cemetery. We believe that this will correctly honor the deceased. We ask your cooperation as we strive towards this goal.