James Johnson

Enlistment Date: February 7, 1865 Unit: 28th Pennsylvania Regiment, Company K James Johnson was born on April 20, 1820. Towards the end of the war, he joined the army and was placed into the 28th Pennsylvania Regiment in Company K. However, he never reported for duty. He married Mary Ann Johnson and had eight children […]

George W. Jelley

Enlistment Date: April 27, 1861 Release Date: Unknown  Unit: 14th Pennsylvania Regiment, Company G George Jelley was born on December 10, 1808. When the war started, he joined the army and was placed in the 14th Pennsylvania Regiment, Company G.  The regiment was formed at Camp Curtin towards the end of April 1861. On May […]

John F. Jelley

Enlistment Date: July 11, 1898 Release Date: October 26, 1898  Unit: 17th Regiment of the Army, Company I John Jelley was born around 1875 and lived in Derry, Pennsylvania. He served as a private in the 17th regiment of the U.S. Army, Company I. His regiment saw significant combat in the Caribbean, fighting in the […]