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David Hill

Enlistment Date: March 15, 1865 

Release Date: June 28, 1865

Regiment: 61st Pennsylvania Regiment, Company K

David Hill was born in 1838 in Pennsylvania. He joined the army towards the end of the war and was placed in the 61st Pennsylvania Regiment, Company K.

On March 25, 1865, the regiment experienced a surprise attack. During the attack, the regiment was able to hold the Confederates back. On April 1st, the regiment was once again attacked with the regiment once again being able to hold them back. After this battle, the Confederates began to flee with the regiment in pursuit and the regiment was able to capture fifty-two men and sixteen horses along with other supplies. The regiment then participated in the pursuit of General Robert E. Lee on April 3rd and was present was Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865. Following the surrender, the regiment was moved from place to place until it came back to Pittsburgh were it was received by the Mayor and citizens and was mustered out.

Following the war, David Hill married Nancy Reeves and had two daughters with her, Margaret and Helen. David Hill died in 1883. He is buried in Section A. 

(Compiled by Raymond Aguiar)

Birth Date: 


Death Date: 


Branch of Service: 

Military Unit: 

61st Pennsylvania Regiment, Company K



Nancy Reeves

Other Family: 

Margaret Reeves, Helen Reeves

Cemetery Location: 


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