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H.N. Kelly

Enlistment Date: August 31, 1861

Release Date: August 30, 1864

Unit: 100th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company C

Cemetery records show an H.N. Kelly serving in the Civil War. It is possible that he is Hiram N. Kelly, who served in Company C, 100th Pennsylvania Infantry. He is buried in Section B, and was related to William C. Kelly and Margaret Kelly. William C. Kelly is also a Civil War veteran. 

At the start of the war, Kelly joined the army and was placed in the 100th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company C. 

When the regiment was sent to the front lines, the regiment was severely delayed due to a storm, arriving at Port Royal Entrance on November 7, 1861. The regiment later crossed the Coosaw on January 1, 1862 and drove the Confederates out of the area. The regiment also took part in the Second Battle of Bull Run on August 28, 1862. The 100th regiment suffered heavily in this battle with it ending with a Confederate victory on August 30, 1862. Following this battle, the regiment took part in a series of battles throughout 1862. 

On December 12, 1862, the regiment joined the Battle of Fredericksburg. When the Union recognized that it was losing the battle, the 100th was tasked with covering the retreat of the other regiments. The Confederates did not notice the retreat and thus did not engage the 100th. The next major battle the regiment took part in was the Battle of Vicksburg from early June to July 4, 1863 with the surrender of the Confederates. The last major battle Kelly took part in was the Battle of Fort Saunders from November 29 to December 4, 1863. Throughout the early part of 1864, the regiment participated in a series of battles. Then on August 30, 1864, Hiram Kelly was mustered out of service with the expiration of his term. 

(Compiled by Raymond Aguiar)

Birth Date: 

Death Date: 

Branch of Service: 

Military Unit: 

100th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company C



Other Family: 

William S. Kelly, Margaret

Cemetery Location: 


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