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Solomon King


Enlistment Date: November 18, 1863

Release Date: October 31, 1865

Unit: 163rd Pennsylvania Regiment, 

Company H and 3rd Provisional Cavalry

Solomon King was born on March 19, 1820. During the Civil War, he joined the army and was placed in the 163rd Pennsylvania Regiment, known as the 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry in company H.

The day he was mustered into service, his regiment experienced a massive assault at Stevensburg. On February 28, 1864, the regiment helped in a raid on the Confederate capitol to rescue prisoners of war there which ended up being successful. On May 5th, the regiment battled the Confederates at Park Road. In this battle, the division the regiment was with was forced to retreat and the 163rd regiment was ordered to remain behind to cover the retreat. The regiment managed to hold off the Confederates and though they were blocked from retreat on three sides, they managed to escape through the woods. In these woods, they found a clearing and managed to hold off the Confederates until they were able to finally make their escape, only losing 32 members. From May 7th to May 31st, the regiment took part of a series of battles in Fredericksburg.

Later, on October 19th, the regiment fought in the Battle of Cedar Creek, helping to win the battle with a charge that drove the Confederates away. Following this, the regiment helped in the siege of Waynesboro, where it was able to help capture fifteen hundred Confederate prisoners. Later the regiment was combined with the 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry to form the Third Provisional Pennsylvania Cavalry. It was mustered out on October 31, 1865.

Following the war, Solomon King married twice, first to Catherine Adams and later to Susanna Miller. He was the father of four children. Solomon King died on August 20, 1914.

(Compiled by Raymond Aguiar)

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Military Unit: 

163rd Pennsylvania Regiment, Company H and 3rd Provisional Cavalry



Catherine Adams, Susanna Miller

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