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William E. Keough

Enlistment Date: September 19, 1864

Release Date: May 28, 1865

 Unit: 159th Pennsylvania Regiment, Company D

William Keough was born in 1842 in Pennsylvania. During the Civil War, he joined the army and was placed in the 159th Pennsylvania Regiment, also known as the 14th Pennsylvania Cavalry in company D.

The day Keough was mustered into service, the regiment was engaged in combat at the Shenandoah Valley with the regiment winning the battle. The regiment then pursued the fleeing Confederates, first to Fisher’s Hill and then to Harrisonburg with them winning each battle. From there the regiment was sent to Wier’s Cave were it fought the Confederates on September 27, 1864. The regiment won this battle and later on October 19, 1864, it partook in the Battle of Cedar Creek which it also won.

On November 12, 1864, the regiment fought at Front Royal and defeated the Confederates, taking all of their guns and supplies. The last combat that the regiment experienced occurred on February 19, 1865 with the regiment experiencing heavy casualties. Following this, the regiment was relocated multiple times until it went to Washington D.C., where it was mustered out.

William Keough went on to marry Catherine and they had seven children. He died on September 13, 1925. He is buried in section B.

(Compiled by Raymond Aguiar)

Birth Date: 


Death Date: 


Branch of Service: 

Military Unit: 

159th Pennsylvania Regiment, Company D, 14th Pennsylvania Cavalry




Other Family: 

Katherine Keough, Mary M. Keough

Cemetery Location: 


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